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Why Buy The Nissan LEAF®

Why Buy the Nissan LEAF

If you want to be able to skip the gas station and reduce your carbon footprint, the all-electric 2017 Nissan LEAF® is a great way to do that. The LEAF® is available today at Santa Cruz Nissan. Here are 10 reasons why you should buy the Nissan LEAF®.
  • Zero emissions. Here in Santa Cruz, we have horrible air quality. Help contribute to cleaner air by driving the emissions-free, 100% electric Nissan LEAF®.
  • Great range. With its standard 30 kWh battery the LEAF® has a maximum driving range of 107 miles, when fully charged. This is a lot more than many other electric cars on the market.
  • Fast charging. When equipped with the Charge package, the LEAF® includes an extra port for ultra-fast Leve 3 DC charging. When this is used, it can charge a dead battery up to 80% in 30 minutes.
  • EZ-Charge App. With this easy-to-use smartphone app, owners can quickly find the nearest charging station.
Santa Cruz Nissan LEAF Charging
Santa Cruz Nissan LEAF
  • Roomy interior. Both the front and back seat passengers will have plenty of room to stretch out their legs. In addition, the cargo space measures a roomy 24 cubic feet.
  • Camera system. Every LEAF® comes standard with a rearview camera. However, there is an available 360-degree camera system that makes it easy to all of your surroundings when navigating through tight spaces.
  • Quiet drive. Because it doesn’t have an engine, there is no engine noise, making the LEAF® virtually silent as you drive.
  • Good handling. Nissan has designed the LEAF® to be well-balanced and most drivers will enjoy its easy drivability and good overall handling.
  • Premium features. While the base trim comes well-equipped, the top-of-the-line SL trim includes features like leather upholstery, heated seats for everyone, LED headlights, and navigation.
  • Regenerative braking. As you brake or let go of the gas, the LEAF® works to capture the braking energy and turn it back into battery power.
Santa Cruz Nissan LEAF
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