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2017 Nissan Sedan vs. SUV | Santa Cruz Nissan | Santa Cruz, CA

Should I Get a Sedan or SUV?

At Santa Cruz Nissan , our inventory includes a variety of different models, from sedans to SUVs to crossovers.
But what’s better for you - an SUV or a sedan? Here’s a few pros to owning either:

SUVs and Crossovers…

●Have Better Visibility: If you like being able to see ahead of you and feeling like the king of the road, an SUV or crossover will give you that feeling thanks to their ground clearance.

●Offer More Cargo Space: Oftentimes the interiors of SUVs are more spacious and versatile, so you can easily fold down rear seats to make room for luggage.

●Can Handle Off-Road Terrain: An SUV can be an adventurer’s best friend if you’re the type to go driving off the beaten path.

●Are More Efficient Than Previous Model Years: One big downfall of SUVs in the past was their poor fuel economy, but newer SUVs and crossovers are more efficient than ever.

●Are Tougher: Many SUVs are constructed in similar ways to trucks, so their bodies are often more rigid and strong. Additionally, SUVs are often powerful enough to tow.


●Get More Mileage: No matter how efficient SUVs and crossovers become, sedans are still ahead of the curve when it comes to fuel economy.

●Are Reliable and Reputable: Sedans have been around for a long time, which means they’re a tried-and-true segment with a good rep and are designed to be long-lasting.

●Are Easier to Maneuver: Sitting high and mighty might be fun, but driving an SUV can make maneuvering hard, especially in tight parking spots or city streets. Sedans have a just-right kind of fit.

●Can Be Stylish: Because sedans are so classic, they can be designed and put together in a number of ways. Sports sedans and luxury sedans are common and excellent choices.

●Are Safer: Because sedans are lower to the ground, they have a low center of gravity and are therefore more stable. They’re less likely to roll than an SUV.

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